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Autobahn Buzz – (Ferrari 458)

 Ferrari 458

Frankfurt, 10 September– Ferrari 458 Speciale was included at the Frankfurt Auto Show. While the Ferrari 458 Speciale might be the featured supercar, the Ferrari stand at the 65th Frankfurt International Motor Show is stuffed with superstars. The new unique model produced at Maranello rounds off the most unique and comprehensive range in the history of Ferrari.

Ferrari 458 Speciale
The vehicles on the stage are evidence of consistent financial investments into product development: in the previous 5 years, 1,400 million Euros has actually been spent, while the forecast for the next five year period is for a 2,000 million Euros invested. These figures do not consist of investments in Formula One, the technical developments and expertise from which are regularly transferred to production designs, with the brand-new automobile being revealed today being the best case in point. The range is also technically at the forefront when it pertains to environmental concerns. The investment in exhausts and gas consumption reduction has actually caused ordinary power output being improved by 100cv over the previous five years, while slashing a massive 40 % off CO2 emissions.

Ferrari 458

The company’s approach, which today sees Ferrari present in 62 markets, focuses strongly on preserving its trademark exclusivity to secure the brand name and the value of the automobiles, while supplying an array of distinct, excellence-oriented high performance supercars.

Many Americans don’t know this interesting automotive tidbit of information: The Frankfurt Auto Show and the Paris Auto Show aren’t held every year. They occur every other year during the same time each year. So, the French and the Germans cooperate with each other to produce automotive nirvana on alternating years. We are sure, however, that Ferrari exhibits every year at the Frankfurt Auto Show and the Paris Auto Show. For, what would these international auto shows be without all the pristine Prancing Horses on display? For that matter, what would any great automotive gathering be without a Prancing Horse or two or ten? We shudder to think about such a boring prospect.

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