Aston Martin Vanquish: “Most Beautiful Supercar of the Year” Award

Aston Martin Vanquish

Released through Autobahn Talk (Aston Martin Vanquish)

Frankfurt am actually Main/ Paris, 30 January 2013.

< chart wp-tag-embed plusvideo elevation=" 404" size= "670" specification= "" vars=" ytid= oLSHvsBwvEQ & distance =670 & elevation= 404 & beginning= & cease= & rs= w & hd= 1 & autoplay= 1 & respond= 1 & sections= ¬ es= "i.d.=" ep4702"// wp-end-tag > The voting tally panel, chaired through world-renowned designer Jean-Michael Wimotte, furthermore combined Honorary President Ari Vatanen, “World Rally Champion 1981”, along with a professional crew symbolizing diverse fields just like style, design, art in addition to media. This very concerned as well as diverse door from courts approved the Grand Prize “to the absolute most likewise exciting as well as exceptionally attractive Supercar from the year taking notice of fine art as well as vehicle style”.

Aston Martin Vanquish - 2013

< a href ="" >< img course=" alignleft size-full wp-image-2158" alt=" Aston Martin Vanquish- 2013" src="" size=" 670" elevation =" 446 "/ > Marek Reichman, Design Director from Aston Martin, explained:” The most up-to-date Aston Martin Vanquish is actually an evident aesthetic analysis from the trademark name’s principles and also a champ from both type in addition to technical potential. Looking at that the Vanquish is actually the latest main from Aston Martin’s model sequence, our business is actually recognized to get this popular honor, as well as this is actually best for Aston Martin, as the planet carries on the practice with the occasion from 100 years along with Aston Martin.”.


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