Volkswagen Hybrid XL1 with 261 MPG – Best MPG Ever

Written by Autobahn Buzz (Volkswagen Hybrid)

Volkswagen to manufacture XL1 at its Osnabrück flower in Germany, making use of carbon fiber innovation.  The XL1 is one of the most streamlined manufacturing automobile at any time, with a Cd of 0.19. Consequently, Volkswagen Hybrid get the “Best Rated MPG” at 261 mpg.

Wolfsburg, Germany – The XL1 through Volkswagen is the most fuel-efficient production auto worldwide, with a European mixed fuel usage ranking of 261 mpg. With the help of its plug-in hybrid system, this two-seat automobile can also hush up to 32 distances as a zero-emissions vehicle in all-electric mode.

The XL1 is an auto standout that complies with wholesome sports-car design guidelines: lightweight mass (1753 weights), phenomenal aerodynamics (Cd 0.19), and also a reduced facility of gravity. This super-efficient Volkswagen hence possesses the capacity to travel later at a constant 62 mph while pre-owneding only 8.3 horse power. In all-electric method, the XL1 requires under 0.1 kWh to cover greater than a kilometer.

The XL1 produces simply 21 g/km of CO2, because of its state-of-the-art light-weight design, streamlined efficiency, and a plug-in hybrid unit containing a 47-hp two-cylinder TDI® motor, a 27-hp electrical engine, a seven-speed DSG® dual-clutch automated standard transmission, and also a lithium-ion battery. The 261 mpg fuel intake figure is actually a file that has not been accomplished by every other vehicle to date, presenting that Volkswagen is redefining exactly what is actually really possible in the automobile field. The XL1 likewise possesses a best speed of 99 miles per hour and also can easily accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 12.7 secs.