“Designed For Driving Pleasure” – BMW Starts New Marketing Campaign

Designed For Driving Pleasure

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Munich. “Designed For Driving Pleasure” – BMW launched a new international marketing focused focused on style in Germany last weekend. The worldwide project highlights the dynamism of BMW design and features a TV commercial that portrays the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé in a strongly dynamic method, utilizing an unusual aesthetic result that is revealed at the end of the piece. Style and mechanics are likewise the focus of the print campaign. Ropes are made use of in the picture to produce the motion blur result typically seen in real driving stunts. Internet users have also been able to view a special online discussion on design at: www.bmw.com/design, which went live in November 2012. Videos, computer animations and a historical timeline offer insights in to the design process, history and perspective of BMW design. The on the internet special likewise features a downloadable “ADVERTISEMENT Essence” app for the iPad and Android tablet computers. The new scandal sheet app was released by Architectural Digest magazine coupled with BMW Group Design. The project is on the German website, www.bmw.de.

Designed For Driving Pleasure -BMW starts a all new advertising campaign centered around its aerodynamic design focus.

BMW starts an all new advertising campaign centered around its aerodynamic design focus.

The dynamic attributes of BMW design is the subject of the brand-new worldwide campaign, which will certainly be introduced worldwide in the very first quarter of 2013. The new project showcases the dynamics of layout in a most dramatic approach,” details Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, head of BMW Brand Communications.

The project was created in close teamwork with BMW Design. Karim Habib, head of BMW Design: “The BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé has its very own character within the BMW household and mixes the very things that BMW stands for: dynamic performance, sportiness and beauty. Clear lines and distinctively built surfaces show this dynamism and motion even when the car is in repose”.

In the TV spot produced by Hollywood director Samuel Bayer, the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé is seen in vibrant motion. This is all an unexpected visual effect produced with tracking devices– the vehicle is really parked on a system throughout the entire commercial.

The print campaign is based on the exact same concept: At first glimpse, Uwe Düttmann’s pictures resemble high-speed-driving scenes. A closer inspection reveals that the motion blur of the environment is simulated by ropes. With more than 3,500 meters of rope around the autos, it was feasible to give the picture a vibrant feel much like driving on the German Autobahn, though the car continues to be static.

The All New and Redesigned BMW Z4

The All New and Redesigned BMW Z4

In Germany, the campaign will likewise exist online and on social network platforms. Online banner ads and computer animations will develop the idea of the print campaign and TV spot, and achieve the result visually of a vibrant moving automobile. A main webpage on www.bmw.de provides information on the autos shown, in addition to an overview of the TV commercial and a prize game. Site visitors to BMW Germany’s Facebook web page may also gain a brand-new BMW Z4 for a three-month period. In parallel, the project will exist in with the brand’s YouTube stations and BMW’s very own www.bmw-tv.de network with a special when it comes to design.

Johannes Seibert, head of Marketing BMW Germany: “The brand-new BMW project will play a key role in Germany in 2013. The design of our automobiles is the most crucial acquisition explanation for the majority of BMW customers.” The BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé, and the brand-new BMW Z4, will be introduced around Germany at BMW dealerships on March 16.


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