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  • New for 2014 – Frozen Brilliant White Edition BMW 6 Series Convertible
  • BMW 640i Gran Coupe offered with xDrive all-wheel drive

The BMW 6 Series Coupe, Convertible, and Gran Coupe models will start the 2014 design year with a stronger line-up than ever, thanks to new improvements and a limited edition of the Convertible model that’s sure to make heads turn.

Restricted to only 100 units, the brand-new 2014 BMW 6 Series Convertible Frozen Brilliant White Edition will be produced in April and early May, 2013, and will be instantly identifiable both inside and out. Offered as a rear-wheel drive 650i, or 650i xDrive model featuring BMW’s smart all-wheel drive system, the Frozen Brilliant White Edition will have a beginning MSRP of $106,695 and 110,095, respectively (rates include $895 Destination & Handling), and will arrive at Authorized BMW Centers this May. Contents specific to the Edition consist of BMW Individual Frozen Brilliant White Metallic exterior matte paint, Frozen Black wing mirror caps, black BMW kidney grilles, and 20-inch bi-color Ferric Gray / gloss-turned BMW M Performance light-alloy wheels.

Set to debut in 2014 - BMW 6 Series Convertible Limited Edition

The BMW 6 Series Convertible Limited Edition offers various other 6 Series equipment, which consists of Black Nappa leather upholstery, a black Convertible soft top, and Gray Poplar wood trim. The M Sport Package and Executive Package are also included, and xDrive models will benefit from the Cold Weather Package.

Furthermore, the BMW 6 Series Convertible Frozen Brilliant White Edition will mark the US-debut of BMW’s brand-new Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster, which permits the “personality” and presentation of the car’s instrumentation to alter significantly with each of the various BMW Driving Dynamics Control modes.

BMW M6 Specific Updates.

In addition to the June 5th market launch of the M6 Gran Coupe, the 2014 design year brings other BMW 6 Series news, especially in the region of the ultra-high efficiency BMW M6 Coupe, Convertible, and Gran Coupe designs. The 2014 M6 will be provided with an optional 6-speed manual transmission, and M Carbon Ceramic Brakes are also now available. These choices round out the M6 design and permit passionate owners to totally individualize the M driving experience.

The 6-speed manual transmission for the BMW 6 Series Convertible, M6 Coupe, and Gran Coupe– readily available at no extra cost on all 3 designs – was developed in-house by BMW M GmbH engineers throughout a two-year period preceding the launch of the newest generation of BMW M5 Sedan and M6 designs. Control consistency, friction surfaces, and component strength were all thoroughly tuned and checked to produce the most engaged driving experience possible. The manual transmission consists of engine management software that immediately and seamlessly matches engine rates during every downshift in the EFFICIENT and SPORT modes of operation. Switching over the engine mode to SPORT+ cancels this function and needs the motorist to synchronize downshifts making use of the accelerator pedal for optimum involvement.

This weight reduction enhances the efficiency of the entire suspension system. Of equal value, the M Carbon Ceramic Brake system also quickly dissipates the intense heat produced by high-speed braking in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Below is the BMW 6 Series Convertible Video Review:

All 2014 BMW 6 Series designs receive the most up to date BMW iDrive variation 4.2

2014 640i Gran Coupe now readily available with xDrive all-wheel drive

The 640i, 650i, and M6 models become the current models to benefit from the latest-generation HMI, BMW iDrive 4.2. BMW navigation system which includes a revised design and developed operating system. All 2014 BMW 6 Series models except M6 have BMW’s superb 8-speed automatic transmission and are available with xDrive, BMW’s intelligent four-wheel drive system. BMW xDrive will be offered on the 2014 640i Gran Coupe, signing up with other 640i and 650i Gran Coupe models available with xDrive.

BMW’s iDrive4.2. Screen and control in the 3rd dimension.

The latest BMW navigation system includes a revised design and developed running system. The menu-driven navigation system has been enhanced by new functions. The user interface consists of modified graphics and now makes up 3D elements, while the whole architecture of the individual menus is now presented in virtual, 3 dimensional spaces. Its 1.3 GHz processor and dedicated 3D graphics card, bring new levels of animation and dynamic changes.

In addition to the menu presentation, the navigation shows have been modified and enhanced. The map screens and assistance details are now shown with even higher shine and sharpness than in the past. Additional function bars permit the map view to be personalized quickly and merely without needing to leave the map. The brand-new feature bars are superimposed as an extension of the initial map bar and open up added options. This permits for Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) or weather condition updates to be superimposed, points-of-interest to be displayed, or the map to be rapidly changed from leading view to standpoint view. Standardization of the control bars in the multimedia sphere facilitates operation of a large variety of audio sources.

The Pie menu: greater operating benefit at a click.

Making use of the iDrive Controller, the driver can mark a spot in the interactive map to open the Pie menu. Depending on the details saved, the driver can have points-of-interest in the location flagged, review up on any saved information, start navigation to any of the points-of-interest, alter the map view and have the current place or destination displayed.

Split-screen display with even more detailed support views.

The split display in the main info screen also adds new functions. While entering the location by selecting the road, city and state, the chosen location is additionally shown in the map view on the split display. The zoom function can be made use of to verify whether the destination revealed in the relevant area of the map is the desired one.

For the navigation process itself, the familiar arrow assistance in the split display has actually now been signed up with by a high-level support attribute. This is instantly activated when the motorist reaches a certain point ahead of the following navigation direction. From a pointed out distance, which differs according to the category of roadway, the arrow display turns into a schematic, viewpoint view of the surroundings. This gives the driver much better orientation thanks to an improved depiction of the place and accurate lane guidance. For an ideal picture, the standpoint view changes in stages to a top view of the junction or intersection as the vehicle approaches it, while a dynamic vehicle sign pinpoints the car’s present position.

The new 3D city design offers another view of choice cities to assist navigation. If the 3D representation is readily available, a very sensible depiction of the surrounding roads and buildings makes it easier for the motorist to discover their means around.

The mobile office: dictation function, voice memos and voice control.

The latest-generation navigation system features a full speech awareness feature and optimized voice control system to finish the portfolio of office features provided by BMW ConnectedDrive as BMW. The full speech awareness system now includes the dictation function, which provides drivers the opportunity to determine text easily and make up brief text-based messages just by stating what they want to compose. A couple of seconds after dictation has actually been finished, the transcribed text appears on the screen and can be read out if preferred. Motorists also have a variety of simple-to-use, speech-based modifying tools readily available to them for putting the last touches to e-mails and SMS messages quickly and, most importantly, safely. The multilingual system can recognize six languages consisting of English and Spanish.

An extra speech-based option to enhance workplace functionality is voice memos, which can be sent out directly by e-mail. The benefit to the motorist is the capability to quickly save concepts or to-do items and send them to the appropriate addressee(s)– without being sidetracked. The taped memos can be stored on a USB stick for use outside the automobile.

The navigation system now allows extra menu features to be called up through simplified voice commands. The system has the ability to acknowledge contact information regardless of the format in which it is saved, and therefore separately of first name and surname order. Added submenu functions can now be activated or activities specified by speech input– from readjusting the radio and entering a destination to altering the course requirements. Voice control is becoming even easier to make use of.

Settling the new office functions is the improved facility for simultaneously pairing two phones to the automobile at the same time. The contact information of both phones are now moved to a shared list which is then available for making call and sending out emails. High-performance hardware indicates that calendar and contact details is shown without delay, guaranteeing that both telephones are rapidly prepared for varied use in the vehicle.


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