Audi Reliability Wins Top Reliability Honors by DEKRA Used Car Report

Published by Autobahn Buzz (Audi Reliability)

Audi wins reliability recognition by DEKRA. The Audi A4 has finished with top honors from the DEKRA Used Car Report for 2012, which measures the best reliability of cars in specific classes. This concludes that Audi has indeed won the general ranking for the 5th time in a row. The A1, A5, TT and also Q5 each came key of their respective categories.

Due to the fact that the reports began in 2008, of all major manufactures, the most trusted automobile with the fewest issues has often been an Audi. This is actually the next “Best of All Classes” reputation for the Audi A4; the Audi A6 made this accolade from 2008 through 2010.

Considering that part of the Used Car Report, which formerly went under the name of the Faults Report, the DEKRA screening organization analyzes the quality as well as safety of cars. From a total amount of 15 million automobiles checked out, which are actually split in to 8 various groups, DEKRA creates a particular fault page in 3 usage categories for every kind of automobile. The model using the greatest average from all 3 mileage categories is actually named “Best of All Classes.”.

The Audi A1 is actually leading of the sub-50,000 kilometer gas mileage lesson, and also in the 50,000 to 100,000 kilometer category the A5, TT as well as Q5 are each top of their corresponding sectors.

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